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In addition, medical offices need to consider Coding Audit Services, a new service that manages your medical coding in accordance with the national standards (ICD-9CM, ICD-10, CPT, CMS and HCPCS). Coding Audit Services offers you peace of mind. With this service, we can help you prepare for audits by Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC). RCA is an agency contracted by the U.S. Government to go into Health Care facilities and audit their claims. Although medical staff may be trained on coding standards, the fact is, the codes often changed or are modified, or the requirements for using a specific code can differ from year to year. This jeopardizes not only your compliance but also your revenues because if a diagnosis or procedure code has been incorrectly assigned, you might end up with a denied claim, a decreased payment, or even worse a fine from RAC.

Coding Audit Services is a service that provides busy medical practices with access to certified professional coders who will code your encounter notes. Coding Audit Services also provides you with the most up-to-date diagnosis code (ICD-9CM - and now ICD-10), procedure code (CPTs & HCPCS) and modifiers to insert into your billing software. In addition we will have a Certified Medical Coder prepare the audit report and review it with the physician. Only by having the correct codes can you be sure that the insurance companies will pay you in a timely manner. 
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